MPC Details 优服资料

MPC Name (required 必需)
MPC Director (required 必需)
Email (required 必需)
Handphone (required 必需)

Outlet Info 商店资料

Name of Outlet 商店名字
Trade Category & Merchandise Sold 行业类别及商品出售(required 必需)

Please use 【jpg, png,gif,jpeg】 format to upload
请以【jpg,png,gif,jpeg,pdf】各式上传照片(required 必需)

Shop Front View 店的门面
Shop Interior View 店内照片
Product Photo 产品照片
Merchant and Introducer Photo 商家与推荐人合照
Price List 价格表
Address 商店地址 Website 网址 Longitude 经度 Latitude 纬度

Other Details 其他资料

MPOS Serial Number 读卡器序列号码

Merchant Info 商家资料

Name of Company 公司名称 (required 必需)
Company No. 公司注册号码(required 必需)
Trading Name 贸易公司 (If Different From Company Name)
GST Registration Number消费税号码 (只限马来西亚商家)

Please use 【jpg, png,gif,jpeg,pdf】 format to upload

Passport / IC [Front and back is required] 法人护照或身份证副本[前后都需要](required 必需)
Business Registration 营业执照 (required 必需)

Merchant Contact Info 商家联系信息

Company Address 公司地址 (required 必需)
Company Phone No. 公司电话号码 (required 必需)
Contact Person 法人姓名(required 必需)
Mobile Phone 手机号码(required 必需)
WeChat ID 微信号
Email 电邮信箱(required 必需)

Merchant Bank Details 商家银行资料

Bank Name 银行名称
Account Name 户口姓名
Account Number 银行账号
Bank Branch 分行
Bank Swift Code 银行代码

Terms & Conditions 条款与条件

MePay Solutions Sdn Bhd (1103814-D) and MyWorld Rewards (M) Sdn Bhd (1057677-P) herein after refer to as the "Company", the applying corporation herein after refer to as the "Merchant". I/We hereby apply to be listed in the Company’s recognized MyWorld and/or M-ePay merchants on the terms set out hereunder in respect of the address(es) shown above and/or attached. We acknowledge that our inclusion will not to be effected unless and until we are confirmed by the Company in official writing regarding your approval of this application and we undertake that in consideration of our inclusion, we will comply with and to be bound by the following terms and conditions:-

  1. The Merchant shall give a cash rebate/discount on marked price excluding special offers and sales items to person producing the valid Member’s card on their making payment for goods or services supplied by it at all it’s presence and future branches and outlets. Address stated above must be address of the outlet. For business with multiple branches, address stated above must be one of the main outlet in operation.
  2. The Merchant hereby agrees that we will not make any offers or more favorable offers available to non-member cardholders.
  3. The Merchant hereby give permission to the Company to use the Merchant’s company name, logo, photos and/or any other information in all the Company’s promotion and marketing materials produced in conjunction with the offers and promotion given to the Company’s members as stated in Merchant Agreement.
  4. The Company shall be fully responsible for any technical support or any other problems caused by the Mobile Point Of Sales System(MPOS).
  5. The Merchant hereby agrees to exhibit the decals provided and promotions materials at a conspicuous position at the Merchant’s outlet(s).
  6. The Merchant hereby agrees to inform the Company One(1) month before any new branch/outlet opening and shall also inform the Company if the new branch/outlet will also accept all of the Company’s Cards or coupon in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
  7. The Merchant hereby agrees that this all rights and liabilities of agreement shall extend to and bind the respective successor, heir or assignees but subject to the termination provision herein after referred to.
  8. The Company hereby agrees that this Agreement can be terminated by either party if given official written notice of termination for Thirty(30) Working Days.
  9. The Merchant hereby agrees that the monthly maximum redemption amount in Ringgit Malaysia shall be RM100,000.00(Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Thousand Only) and outstanding amount may be redeemed in the following month.
  10. Should the Merchant mark-up any product pricing charging higher than cash payment price without prior approval from the Company, The Company reserves the rights to suspend or terminate the Merchant with immediate effect without any prior notice.
  11. Upon receival of complete documentation, The Company shall process the cash redemption request from the Merchant and will release the relevant payment within Fourteen(14) Working Days.
  12. All application must be accompanied by the following:
  • Exterior and Interior photos of outlet/outlets
  • Multiple angles photos of product /products
  • Product/products or business description
  • SSM documents (e.g.SSM Certificate, Form 24, 49, 9 If Sdn Bhd)
  • Copy of identification card or business owner (I/C) front and back

I have read and agree to abide the terms & conditions. 我已阅读并同意遵守条款和条件。